Saturday, 16 March 2013

Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick

I was mooching around Debenhams beauty hall the other day and found Dior's new offering, the Cherie Bow Eye Shadow  Pen Twin Set. I really loved it, both in 'Grey sigh', but also 'Beige Ribbon'. These are really quick to apply with a chubby stick like nib, but also have a sponge like applicator at the other end with a more translucent shimmer. They can be used together but both ends can also be used seperately. The girl on counter used the goldy, shimmer of 'Beige Ribbon' on the inside of her lower waterline as well as the inner corners as a sort of highlighter. The effect was beautiful but on top of my other purchases I couldn't justify this little beauty.
 And how glad I am! When helping a friend pick up some make up in Boots, Rimmel's new offering caught my eye. This scandal eyes offers a very similar effect for obviously a much lower price tag. A humble £4.99 in fact. Sadly there is not the same double end application allowing for you to decide how much shimmer you want but instead it's one easy to use crayon-like nib. It's actually quite a similar idea to Clinique's new Chubby sticks for eyes but again obviously much cheaper.

I went for the colour 'Bulletproof Beige' so as to be a dupe for the Dior. It's a beautiful gold with quite a metallic sheen to it. A much darker bronze, imaginatively named 'Bad Bronze', also caught my eye and I may well find myself investing in this little bad boy as well! The colour is gorgeous and pay off is pretty good. It applies easily, can be blended, sticks all day, and is generally a really useful thing to have around! I must say, the texture is lovely and creamy and doesn't snag at all.

This swatch is quite built up and it is possible to sheer the colour out for a more subtle glow. The shimmer is also more apparent in life. It's not crazy shimmer though, more of a metallic, and is just what I want for the inner corner of the eye. Like the girl at the Dior counter, it also looks lovely on the waterline- a little tip that wouldn't really have occurred to me!
All in all I think this is a great little product and I'm particularly keen on this colour which you can get herehere. It's a new release and Boots were already running out when I got there so I'd get my money at the ready ASAP if I were you! At £4.99 I'm not really surprised they're proving to be so popular.

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