Sunday, 27 January 2013

Review- Clinique colour surge eye shadow quad

Hello everyone!

 Today I thought I'd get back to talking about some of my favourite make-up products. I have to admit now that I totally love eyeshadow. For some people it's lipstick, but for me it's all about the shadow. I just love that through blending and shading you can completely change the effect and shape of the eye. Shadow can look quite dressy though, so for every day wear I stick to my absolute must have nude palette.

My ever so old, and slightly battered, Clinique palatte

I know everyone raves about Urban Decay's 'Naked' palettes, and this is certainly something I'm going to invest in soon and give a whirl, but I haven't got it yet because I simply haven't felt the need to. My lovely Mum bought me Clinique's Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad in 111 choco-latte years and years go, and I've been so happy with it I've never really bothered to look round for anything different (hence my tardiness with the naked palette).

The Clinique website advertises this palette as 'pale beige with a deep muted brown, a golden taupe, and a midtone shimmering red brown' and claims that it is suitable for any skin tone. Generally I find in palettes that there's one slightly odd colour that you never touch, but not with this one. If there is one that I use less, it's probably the more red toned shadow. Having said this, I still use it plenty but usually for a more evening look rather than day time- probably because of my skin tone. They all complement each other perfectly and can be blended on used alone.

 As I said, I've had my palette for years now, and you can see that I'm nowhere near the bottom. They just last really well! They're well pigmented, build well, and blend easily. I never get any sort of fall out when using this either and it lasts well all day.

As you can see, you get two little brushes with this. If I'm getting ready in the morning I would always use my own brushes so I can use multiple colours and blend well. If I'm out on the move though, the brush provided is fine for providing washes of colour. I don't really think any in palette brushes are particularly marvellous, but this one does a fair job.

The casing is also pretty, yet substantial and this has handled being bashed about in handbags and make up bags for years. I like that the whole of the lid is mirrored rather than an unnecessary boarder which shrinks mirror size. I also really like that on the Clinique website itself they offer video tutorials on how to use the product, and recommendations of what colours will suit your skin tone. I find I trust Clinique to provide products that won't upset my skin or cause any negative reactions- the website seems to me to provide an additional nice touch.

All in all, I really love this palette. My precise colour seems to be fairly unavailable, but Debenhams offer the same palette in different nude colours for £25 here. I know there are eye shadow quads out there for less money, but how well this has lasted considering I wear it pretty much every day is testimony to me that it is worth it. I don't think Clinique always gets the press it deserves for what are trusty and attractive make up products and I urge you to give them a go.


  1. That eye palette looks great, I love the brand, I love the colours too, x

  2. Havne't really tried too much from Clinique but I must say this looks like a really nice little palette!

  3. Lovely post and I love clinique products - have you tried any mascaras??? <3
    Great review and I loved reading it!! <3
    Lots of love from

  4. Nice review!

  5. Great review, the colours look gorgeous!