Thursday, 17 January 2013

Welcome to 'Smiffy Stumbles'!

Hello everyone!

 I am obviously using the term 'everyone' fairly loosely here as the number of people reading this will probably be me and only me! I've already made the decision to not publicise this blog to friends and family, certainly for a while, and so I really am starting from scratch trying to get this out there.

 I suppose the overwhelming question that needs to be answered is what this blog is going to be about. It really is what I stumble upon, and what I find interesting. I love beauty and skin care products, but there are hundreds of experts out there who focus on this as a career, and I'm sure would be able to provide a much more fascinating insight than I. That's not to say that I won't feature my reviews and thoughts on products that I use, however. It simply means that I will also be blogging about films, books, and theatre as well.

I would class myself as a relatively well rounded person, and hope that this blog will reflect my interests. I also find that I think something is fascinatingly interesting and proceed to tell my family, friends, dog, cat, and whatever vaguely living things are anywhere nearby, all about it. This is normally while they are actually trying to do something else, like cook dinner, get an important piece of work done, have a phone call or wrestle a lion. Hopefully if people seek my blog out they will be interested in the same sorts of things as I am, and it will relieve some of the pressure my loved ones are currently experiencing!

I hope that if anyone has 'stumbled' upon this blog, this may sound appealing to them and they would like to stick around to find out a bit more!

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