Friday, 18 January 2013

Alpha H

Recently I was lucky enough to win a competition. I am the girl who has never won more than a revolting bottle of rosé at a raffle, so for me this was a pretty big deal indeed.

 This prize was about as far away from unpleasant and headache inducing alcohol as humanly possible. I won an amazing session with the skin company Alpha- H, where I described to them all my skin problem areas and needs over the phone to a lovely man named Tom, and they sent me an fabulous selection of their products that cater to my specific needs.

And oh my, did they send me a selection- just look at all of this stuff! I can now boast a huge range of products from hand cream to their cult product liquid gold.

I was lucky enough never to really struggle with acne when I was a teenager. However, now that I've hit my early twenties my skin seems to have, quite frankly, gone mental. Now I'm probably exaggerating somewhat, I know that many people suffer with awful skin complaints. As a young twenty something girl though, I do feel sensitive about my appearance, and spots are not really what I need.

 Generally my skin is well balanced, I don't really suffer from dry or oily skin (touch wood). However, I do find that I get a few spots on my temples and quite a few around my mouth down to my jaw line. Speaking to Tom, he advised me that these temple spots are probably stress induced, and that the spots round my jaw are hormonal. Apparently women do experience hormonal changes in their early twenties and so this is actually relatively common. I AM NOT ALONE!

 There's not a whole lot I can do about my stress, as I'm currently in my final year of University. However, I am going to try to make a concerted effort to drink more water, which I know I don't drink enough of now. Maybe that should be my resolution for 2013?!

 Anyway, I will be trying all these amazing products out and letting you know how they work for me. If I'm feeling brave I may also take some photos of my skin problems, so that it will be easy to compare and see the improvement. I hope! If this is something you guys would like to see then let me know and I'll see what I can do!


  1. lucky lady!
    what a great range to blog about.
    it's be really good if you added a google friend connect 9it's a bit different to google+) and it means people cna follow you, which i'd love to do.
    it's under settings, layout, add a gadget.
    please come by for a chat and let me know if you work it out so i can come back and follow.
    hope to hear from you soon,
    laura xx

    1. Hi Laura! Thank you for the advice! As you can see I'm new to this and don't really know what I'm doing. Hopefully that's all set up now and it would be great if you would follow!
      I'll certainly be following your blog, it looks great!
      Soph xxx

  2. Wow! What an amazing win. Enjoy trying them all out.
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Happy Sunday Hun xoxo

    1. Thank you- it was certainly a great surprise.
      I will do, hope you had a good weekend :) xxx

  3. oooh jealous! looking forward to hearing how they turn out (: xxoxooxo